Student's seminars: 2018

MUHC-RI - Rm E-M1-3509
15 min seminars followed by 5 min question period




Wednesday, February 14

1:35 Ariane Lismer (Mac) Recent progress in in vivo genome editing: Methods, comparative discussion and implications on health research
1:55 Eisha Ahmed (Mac) Bioinformatic methods used to understand gene expression regulation in systems biology approaches 
2:15 Shruti Sharma (Mac) Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
2:35 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
2:50 Preeti Bhatt (PC) Targeting RNA using CRISPR
3:10 Aksha Kadri (PC) Exome sequencing
3:30 Jade Marie Edenvirg Lasiste (PC) Epitranscriptome analysis
3:50 Niusha Khazaei (PC) "Disease in a dish" using induced pluripotent stem cells

Wednesday, February 21

1:35 Dana Abou Samhadaneh (Mac) Methods used to assess angiogenesis
1:55 Nadim Tawil (Mac) Intravital microscopy
2:15 Hieu Pham (PC) Optogenetics and its applications
2:35 Sahar Ibrahim (PC) Purification of subcellular organelles for proteomic analysis
2:55 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
3:10 Muna Ding (PC) Chiral chromatography
3:30 Kristofferson Tandoc (PC) Intracellular probes to measure oxidative stress
3:50 Jean-Yves Dube (PC) Single cell mass cytometry
4:10 Qian Li Use of adoptive cell transfer in biomedical research

Wednesday, February 28

1:35 Celine Agnes (Mac) Scaffolds and cells for tissue engineering
1:55 Ramin Rohanizadeh (Mac) New methods for drug delivery and targeting (excluding carbon nanotubes)
2:15 Sofia Shtepman (PC) Carbon nanotubes and their potential use for drug delivery
2:35 Sam Preston (PC) Biomedical applications of 3D printing
2:55 -------------------------------------------------- BREAK ---------------------------------------------------------
3:10 Adam Hassan (PC) DNA vaccines
3:30 Khashayar Esfahani (PC) Dendritic cell vaccines
3:50 Xu Zhang (PC) Oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy
4:10 Marta Talise (PC) Gene therapy

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