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Date: 19 April, 2017
Time: 1:30 - 3:30
Place: MUHC-RI, Room E-M1-3509

There will be a two-hour examination consisting of multiple-choice questions (6 questions/lecture). There will be one section for each of the lectures, except for the last session on laboratory techniques given by Drs. Turcotte, Peterson, and Rocheleau. You will have some choice in the exam, and will have to answer 8 out of the 9 sections. You are encouraged to answer the questions in all of the sections if possible, in which case only the 8 sections in which you receive the highest marks will be counted.

Format of the exam

  • There will be one section for each of the sessions in the course, with the exception of the laboratory techniques session given by Drs Turcotte, Ali, and Peterson (for which there will be no questions).
  • Students must answer all of the questions on each of 8 of these sections.
  • You may answer the questions on all 9 sections if you wish (I would advise you to do this), in which case only your 7 best scores will be counted.
  • All questions will have equal marks.
  • There will be 6 questions in each of the 9 sections
  • All of the questions will be multiple choice with only one correct answer