Student's seminars: 2017

Meakins-Christie Laboratories
Seminars should be 15 min + 5 min question period




Wednesday, October 18

1:35 Irina Perlitch Production and applications of organoids (Mac)
1:55 Jeffery Wang Mapping of neural circuits (Mac)
2:15 Sabrina Bartolucci Single cell mass cytometry (Mac)
2:35 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
2:55 Henry Yu Methods used to study the internalization and fate of cell membrane receptors (PC)
3:15 Sibat Anam "Disease in a dish" using pluripotent stem cells (PC)
3:35 Zhaoyu Wang Calcium imaging  in live animals (PC)

Wednesday, October 25

1:35 Sathyen Prabhu Chromatin immunoprecipitation  (ChIP) (PC)
1:55 Marion Lacroix Exome Sequencing (PC)
2:15 Timothy Liao Generation of genetically engineered animals for food (PC)
2:35 Rebecca Robertson Genome-wide association studies (PC)
2:55 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
3:15 Wendy Zhao Biomedical and therapeutic applications of aptamers (Mac)
3:35 Jennifer Gantchev Use of transposons to study gene function (Mac)
3:55 Dana Abou Samhadaneh Intracellular probes to measure oxidative stress (Mac)

Wednesday, November 1

1:35 Danielle Kasis Akal Use of gene drives to target mosquito-borne diseases: methodology, current progress and ethical issues (Mac)
1:55 Neelakshi Pandey Scaffolds and cells for tissue engineering (Mac)
2:15 Robert Dziarmaga DNA vaccines (PC)
2:35 Jamilah Abusarah Dendritic cell vaccines (PC)
2:55 --------------------------- Break    -------------------------------------------------------------------
3:15 Qian Li Oncolytic viruses in cancer therapy (PC)
3:35 Niusha Khazaei  Gene therapy (PC)
3:55 Ali Reyes Organs on chips to model human diseases (PC)

Updated 18 October, 2017