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The histopathology Core Facility provides routine processing, embedding, sectioning and staining of paraffin and frozen tissues. Standard H&E staining is offered as well as a wide range of special stains. Immunocytochemistry services are also offered. A set of detection antibodies are available through the core, or you can provide your own. Core equipment can be booked for unassisted use following mandatory training. The equipment includes: a microtome, cryostat, tissue processor and embedding station, and light microscope. Training is provided for all instruments and histological techniques for an hourly fee.


Services and equipment:

  • Processing, embedding and sectioning of frozen or paraffin tissues
  • Wide range of histological stains
  • Immunocytochemistry and antibody optimization
  • Cryostat (MICROM HM500)
  • Microtome (Leica RM2125 RT)
  • Tissue Embedding Station
  • Automated Tissue Processor
  • Microscope Imaging Workstation (Olympus)
  • Training, extended assistance and consultation

The facility is managed by the web-based iLab Solution’s Core Facility Management software. Users must sign-up for an iLab account in order to request core services, schedule equipment or training. iLab is best experienced with the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome

Histopathology Core Facility web page on iLab

Histopathology Core Sign-up form

Core Team:

Director: Dr Qutayba Hamid

Co-Director: Dr Carolyn Baglole

Manager: Patrice Vaillancourt
Coordinator : Fazila Chouiali



Fazila Chouiali, MSc (Coordinator)

E-mail: fazila.chouiali@mail.mcgill.ca

Tel: (514) 398-3864 ext. 09519


Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM)



Meakins-Christie Laboratories - RI MUHC, Room 530

3626 St. Urbain Street
Montreal QC H2X 2P2