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40th anniversary
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Omni Mont-Royal Hotel
1050 Sherbrooke Street West

Mon, October 15, 2012
:Qutayba Hamid

Anne-Marie Lauzon, Carolyn Baglole



Slideshow for MCL 40th Anniversary .  


Time Speaker Title

8:30 Qutayba Hamid
Strauss Chair Resp Med
McGill University
Opening Remarks

  Session 1 (Chair: Charis Roussos, University of Athens)
8:45 François Maltais
l'Hôpital Laval
Laval University
The limb muscles: the other important muscles in COPD
9:10 Peter Calverley
Professor Resp Med
University of Liverpool
Bronchodilator response, lung mechanics and COPD: reducing the confusion
9:35 Shigeo Muro
Kyoto University
COPD exacerbation and emphysema progression
10:00 Joaquim Gea
Hospital del Mar
Damage and repair in respiratory muscles of COPD patients


  Session 2 (Chair: Malcolm King, Simon Fraser University)
10:45 Tony Eissa
Biol Inflammation Cntr
Baylor College, USA
Autophagy in lung inflammation and immunity
11:10 Walter Zin
Dept Physiology
Federal Univ Rio de Janeiro
Systemic and cellular responses to air pollution

  2012 Christie Memorial Lecture
11:35 Stephanie Shore
Dept Environ Hlth
Harvard University
Obesity and asthma: lessons from animal models

12:45 LUNCH  

  Session 3 (Chair: Felix Schardinofsky, Dept Pediatrics, University of Texas)
1:45 Meinhard Kneussl
University of Vienna
Developments in pulmonary arterial hypertension
2:10 Douglas Bradley
Director, Resp Division
University of Toronto
Fluid retention and redistribution: a new paradigm in the pathogenesis and treatment of sleep apnea
2:35 Bela Suki
Prof, Biomed Eng
Boston University
Mechanotransduction, evolution and networks

  Session 4 (Chair: Jason Bates, Dept Medicine, University of Vermont)
3:15 Jean-Pierre Lavoie
Prof, Fac Vet Medicine
University of Montreal
Equine heaves: a model for human asthma, or vice versa?
3:40 Geoff Maksym
Assoc Prof, Biomed Eng
Dalhousie University
Influence of ventilation heterogeneity on lung mechanical function in asthma
4:05 Abdelilah Soussi Gounni
Assoc Prof, Dept Immunol
University of Manitoba
Role of semaphorin 3E in allergic asthma
4:30 Robert Tepper
Prof, Dept Pediatrics
Indiana University
Stretching airway smooth muscle: a novel therapy for asthma
4:55 Anne-Marie Lauzon
Assoc Prof, Dept Med
McGill University
Closing Remarks